Where to Begin Your Search for a Yonkers Dental Hygienist

Are you a dentist in Westchester County? We’re not trying to encourage you to pillage our own hygienists since they love working with us but we understand that sometimes a little help by a fellow dentist would be helpful so that’s what this article is for. Don’t settle for just anyone when you are searching for a Yonkers New York dental hygienist for your dental practice. The person you are looking for should be knowledgeable about the position, show up on time and gets along with others in your office. You also want someone who is good with patients. Since the employee’s attitude reflects upon the boss. This goes especially true for a dental office.

Therefore, use the following tips to help you find the perfect dental hygienist that will help your office become the best it can be.

Put A “Now Hiring” Ad In The Local Newspaper

With unemployment rates so high around the country, there’s a good likelihood that there’s an out of work dental hygienist in your area who’s constantly checking the Sunday edition of the local newspaper for any dental office job listings. You may find that you can rescue someone off of the unemployment list. Since it usually doesn’t cost much to run an ad, you may find that the results outweigh the initial cost. On the other hand, why only post in the Sunday edition when you probably can work out a great deal with the paper to have your listing all week.

By doing this your chances of finding the perfect person for your office increases if you choose to place a daily ad as well. Your friends and their friends may also be able to help you in your search for the perfect hygienist for your office. Your friends may be able to give you names of people they know that work as dental hygienists. You shouldn’t be concerned if they are already working. They may be unhappy with their current office and that’s when you can step in to rescue them. But considering where the unemployment level is at, chances are your friends will know a dental hygienist who is looking for work. Or a friend of a friend may be the one to tell you about an out of work dental hygienist. The more people who know about your search, the wider your circle of influence and the best chance of finding that perfect person for the job.

Poorly Interviewing the Individual

Some dentists become so urgent in finding a dental hygienist that they forget about the interview process before they hire someone. This is a horrible idea as you can never judge a book by its cover. While it may sound like an overused phrase, it is definitely true when it comes to hiring the ideal person. An individual can look very dapper, hand you a resume that is exactly what you need and can even impress you with their words, however they might turn out to be the worst employee on the planet.

To be sure, put some pressure on them. Ask them some questions to get to know them and what they’re about, and ask what they’ll be able to offer you. Get them to put in some effort for the job and get them to talk you into hiring them. Only then can you be positive that you offered the job to the optimal dental hygienist for your New York dental practice. Use the advice from above not just for discovering the best dental hygienist to work at your office, but also to discover a noteworthy employee who will assist your practice in being very successful and lucrative.